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With over 29 years experience Lisa can help steer you towards your best life.

Everyone feels stuck sometimes, unsure of what to do for the best and struggling to move forward.

Maybe you've caught your boyfriend cheating and he's asking for forgiveness and you aren't sure what to do? Maybe your boss doesn't appreciate all  the extra work you're doing but you don't know whether to look for something new?
Maybe you feel stuck in a rut in your life but have no idea what you even want to do to change it?

This is where Lisa can help. With 28 years experience working with the Tarot, Lisa's no nonsense readings can help you find the answers you're looking for and guide you towards your best life.  


Some of my FAVOURITE Tarot Decks

These are some of my favourite decks. Where available I have included Amazon Links to purchase your own copies. These are Affiliate links and I make a little towards a cup of coffee if you use this link! 

Fifth Spirit Tarot

A standard on my YouTube channel as it as diverse a deck as I have ever found. There are multiple races, genders, abilities, body types etc depicted throughout the deck. It is not a deck for beginners but experienced readers will find a lot of nuance and deep connections throughout this deck. It is a blunt but kind deck and my readings from it are some of the most meaningful and powerful.

Click HERE to view on Amazon

The Light Seers Tarot

The Light Seers Tarot may not be a new deck but it still feels very new. Another beautifully diverse deck with hints of many other cultures it's a thoroughly welcoming deck. It has a modern alternative spirituality feel encompassing elements from many cultures in a respectful way. Definitely a Goddess leaning deck but one that is still accessable to all. 

Click HERE to view on Amazon

Everyday Enchantment

This is one of my favourite modern decks. Each card has human, animal and magickal creatures represented. The artwork is a fresh and modern take on the RWS but this is in now way a "Clone Deck". The cards are colourful, VERY large and filled with stories depicting a modern interpretation of the tarot archetypes. 

Click HERE to view on Amazon

Radiant Rider Waite

The Classic Rider WaiteSmith deck has been given a fresh look. The lines have been cleaned up and the colour has been ramped up to 10 to make this vintage deck feel more moden. I prefer this version to any other RWS deck as it maintains the clasic images but also is so much clearer and warmer to read from. 

Click HERE to view on Amazon

Celtic Dragon Tarot

This Deck is 25 years old and is still one of my favourite decks to depict DRAGONS. (I do NOT reccomend the Dragon Tarot for instance.) It has a gentle watercolour feel and depicts some of the most beautiful dragon artwork I've ever seen, especially in a tarot deck. Unlike other dragon based decks the imagery here is easy to read and yet full of fantasy and wonder. The Guide to the Celtic Dragon tarot book is very good, full size and goes into a lot of detail.


Click HERE to view on Amazon

Queer Tarot

I really like this deck. It has a bold vibrant style3 and is unapologetically and politically QUEER. This is a very diverse dfeck filled with images the LGBT community will both recognise and connect to. But this is not just a deck for those who are Queer aligned, this is a modern deck suitable for any querent and any audience reflecting the true diversity in the modern world. I truly recomme3nd this deck as a general purpose everyday deck not just a deck for Pride! 


Click HERE to view on Amazon

The Connolly Tarot

This was my first "proper" deck bought in about 1994 and I still have that first edition deck, although it has since been retired. This is a simple, but beautiful, reimagining of the RWS deck but with a gentle feel. The cards have been re worked so there is no Devil or Death cards, instead this deck has "Materialism" and "Transition". The suit of swords is also more uplifting as it oftenb depicts the challenges as achievable. It's a wonderful deck for public readings as there's nothing too scary in the imagery. There is a good reason this deck is still available 34 years after it's release!

Click HERE to view on Amazon 

Vice Versa Tarot

This deck is a double sided reworking of the RWS, showing either a front on view OR a reversed view aand sometimes even a view with the passage of time. So for instance the front of the Sun card sees a depiction of a child with a horse on a sunny day, but the back of the card shows the same figures but from behind and now at night. This deck takes a bit of getting used to and can be difficult to shuffle if you don't want to influence the querents cards in any way but is definitely a good deck to gainer deeper insight into a situation. 

Cllick HERE to view on Amazon

Cosmic C*nt Tarot

This deck is not actually that rude... apart from the name and the depiction of various "probes". The probes in this deck are renamed from the swords and although some of them look like they would make your eyes water and your nethers twitch in fear, there's no real danger here. This is a fun small size deck great for readings with the right person or at the right event. Think hen nights or birthday parties rather than corporate functions. But then again it depends on the corporation! 

Not for beginners but a very fun part of my collection! 

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Fair Prices

Satisfying customers is our top priority. That’s why we believe in offering fair and transparent prices with no hidden fees or extra charges.


No nonsense, straight forward readings. These are the answers you NEED but not necessarily what you WANT to hear!


Lisa's tarot readings have been described as  "scarily accurate" and "deeply personal".


After so many years Lisa has developed her own style of reading the cards with honesty, empathy and  compassion.


Just a few examples of my 5* reviews from

kateyflowers - AUSTRALIA

This is my second time ordering a reading from Lisa. Again, she provided an insightful reading, understood the context and details of my situation, encouraged me, and provided some honest advice. Having a reader that I trust at a big moment of transition has really helped me get my mindset right so that I can make positive and productive decisions for myself and my career. Thank you so much Lisa for supporting me through this!

Findsherway - USA

I loved my experience working with Lisa! She has a direct but loving way of presenting the cards that feels genuine. I felt a sense of connection, almost like I was sitting across from a friend. Lisa is a talented reader and I will definitely return for more readings in the future. Kim

Almost30welp - EUROPE

Lisa is amazing!!!!!!! She didn't deliver good news this time, but her reading resonated 10000%. For anyone's reading this review, I first worked with her in 2020/2021, and most of her predictions came true. Choose her and you won't be disappointed, I swear. Don't ever leave, Fiverr, Lisa, I tried booking other readers and was extremely disappointed because they didn't make sense…

Why book a reading from Lisa?

  • EXPERIENCED - Lisa picked up her first tarot deck in 1995 and has been reading the cards ever since!
  • ACCURATE - Many, many clients have commented on just how accurate and "spot on" lisa's readings are!
  • BS FREE - There's no fluffy, waffly bits with Lisa's readings, they're straight to the point.
  • CARING - Lisa understands that most people who want a reading are struggling for answers and her compassionate empathetic readings feel like they really are coming from a friend.
  • AUTHENTIC & HONEST - If the cards are showing less than good news Lisa will deliver the reading with care but it will not be sugar coated or watered down. We can all be guilty of ignoring the signs all around us and if that comes up in a reading, Lisa's role is to point to it and call you out on it!
  • Reading options include: 1 to 1 LIVE video readings OR 10, 6 or 3 card recorded video readings.

"Tarot is an incredible tool to help gain clarity and answers from the Universe itself. This guidance points us towards our best life. It may not be what we WANT to hear, but it's always what we NEED to hear!"

Lisa Lee - Tarot Reader


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