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Why do you offer FREE readings on YouTube?

This is probably my number one, most asked question. The answer is a little complicated. Firstly, for me the ability to read Tarot as I do comes with a certain responsibility. No I'm not quoting Uncle Ben. What I mean is that the knowledge I am given or shown during my readings far exceeds my interpretation of the pretty piuctures on the 78 cards in front of me. As anyone who has had, or seen, one of my readings will know there is an otherness to them, a connection that seems to go beyond the usual Tarot. I believe that connection is with the Akashic Library, although I can't prove this in any way. All I know is that I am given insight that not everybody always has access to. So I choose to honour the elemental energies and the keepers of the Akashic Records by offering free readings on YouTube to those who may not be able to afford to pay for my time. The energy exchange goes from "crossing my palm with silver" to Subscribing, dinging the bell and liking the video.

Secondly it's a good way of showing what I do to people that might be interested in booking me. It shows the sort of readings I do and how intense they can sometimes get, even in a freebie 3 card reading on YouTube. 

Thirdly it's a great way to keep my Tarot reading muscles honed and primed. I test new things on the livestreams too, new spreads, new decks, combining Tarot with crystals, pendulums, workings etc. It's also a lot of fun which leads me to...

MOST IMPORTANTLY It's where we have started to carve out our own little space of the meta verse, We've created a friendly, welcoming and truly supportive community of folk who believe that the values of authenticity, empathy and kindness still have meaning. 

Isn't Tarot and witchcraft Evil?

No. There is nothing intrinsically evil about Tarot or Witchcraft. In fact most tarot decks today are based on early decks that are brimming with Judeo Christian imagery and iconography. The same is true of witchcraft, the early books and teachings were similar in moral construct to the wider Judeo Christian faiths. Evil is done by people and people have different beliefs during their lives that may or may not have anything to do with the evil acts they carry out. In the same way that a mass murderer who happens to be baptised does not mean all baptised people are mass murderers, a person who practices witchcraft and carries out evil acts does not represent the remaining population of practitioners.

How does Tarot work? Can you teach me to read like you?

Honestly I have no idea how it works exactly. 

I said above that I believe in the Akashic Records and that's how I make sense of the way I am given information I should not be able to access, but HOW this works is beyond me. I believe that anyone can learn to read Tarot authentically and I'm working on my own teaching course at the moment. The vast majority of Tarot readers stick to the standardized meanings of the cards and whilst this can be very effective, my method of reading Tarot uses these meanings as a starting point not the end goal. As for teaching you, watch this space for info on classes. 

Why can't I ask questions about my health?

You can but I am limited as to what I can answer. For instance I will not answer questions about pregnancy or recovery from serious illness. This is for legal reasons, I do not offer medical, legal, financial or counselling advice as I am not a professional in these areas. General health related questions may be asked but expect general answers. I will normally ask health related questions be rephrased or removed. 


Can you do a spell to get my ex to fall back in love with me?


But I won't. This, or some version of it, is something I get asked a lot and the answer is always the same. This is possible but not something I will do, the reason for this is simple: Free Will. By making your ex fall back in love with you, or making the guy in the coffee shop fall for you or whatever you are removing that persons free will and in so doing removing any possibility of consent. This is a line that I will not cross for anyone for any reason. EVER. People think "Oh what's the worse that can happen?" and trust me you do not want to find out. The Universe has a way of balancing itself and what may seem like a harmless spell to you can have unforeseen repurcussions that are not worth it. Even if the spell were to work 100% as intended and your ex comes back into your life you will always know their love isn't real, their feelings are not their own and that they have not consented to any of it. 


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