Witchcraft for ALL:
Witchcraft and Magick is for EVERYONE regardless of 
Age, Race, Gender, Wealth, Education or Belief! 

EVERYONE has MAGIC inside!

Magic doesn't have to be passed down through elite family lineage. The ability to practise authentic witchcraft is inside every single person on Earth, yes even you! The question is only how to access the power within.
Lisa's guidance is based on her personal practice which is best described as an eclectic blend of modern and traditional witchcraft with a liminal approach.

What is Liminal Witchcraft?

Liminal witches like Lisa look to the crossroads, the spaces between, the edges where one thing ends and another begins.  Liminality looks at the connections to and differences between, night and day, life and death, heat and cold, right and wrong etc. 

The energy of these spaces is almost never easy to work with, it requires understanding, compassion, empathy and belief. Each practioner practices in their own way, so authentic witchcraft is as diverse and ever evolving as the universe itself and just as wondrous.  

Book Of Shadows Starter Pages

Every Witch needs their own Book of Shadows. A book that holds a witches magical knowledge and practice. For most Witches their Book Of Shadows (BOS) develops over time as they learn more about the craft and the things that interest them. 

Here's a few starter sheets for your own BOS:



For videos and podcasts looking into Witchcraft, Tarot and more go to: YouTube

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